What we stand for

To match clients and candidates: that is our passion. To act as an intermediary for candidates working in project supporting positions where their talents stand out, ensuring that clients recognise the added value provided by our committed professionals.

We are doing that with a closely knitted team of committed consultants. We believe in each other’s personal and business qualities.

Our approach is flexible and we can switch quickly. Our activities are governed by mutual respect.

Do what you are good at, do it with pleasure and be yourself.

Our core values

trust- passionate- personal approach- quality- respect - ambitious- authenticity- attentive


Each assignment is different. Whatever the type of assignment, the interests of both the client and the candidate are equally important. We have succeeded only if both parties are fully satisfied and that applies to each assignment.

Track record

We have a fine track record of successfully completed assignments, proving our efficient procedure, our expertise and effective network. 


Our experienced consultants have in-depth knowledge of their respective disciplines. Based on their backgrounds as an entrepreneur, coach or manager they are committed discussion partners. 


The foot print left by a recruitment and selection agency is almost negligible. However small, it is and remains our ambition to improve the sustainability of our enterprise and of our services continuously.

We think that being a good employer is a matter of course. In our searches we do not exclude any parties on the basis of age, gender, race, political preference, inclination or physical condition. 

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