Pro Test 

Define your profile with Pro Test

Pro Test is our online testing programme, consisting of an assessment test and a personality test.

At a client’s request, Pro Assistant’s consultant may subject candidates to an assessment test for a position. Such a test objectively supplements the profile of the candidate drawn up by our consultant. The test may also be part of an individual career coaching process.

Assessment test

An extensive assessment test providing an insight into your wishes and capabilities. It is made clear for each competency which position matches your interest, knowledge and personality. You will receive an individual report with a personal profile. Clients receive a placement or matching report with the consultant’s recommendations. 

Investment: € 350,- excluding VAT.

Personality test

This test investigates the pattern of behaviour and your attitude to work and provides suggestions for improving your effectiveness. It points out your strengths and how to utilise them as effectively as possible and the points requiring improvement. You will receive a conveniently arranged report. The employer (if applicable) receives a management rapport.

Investment: € 230,- excluding VAT.


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