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Personal and transparent

Matching is a customised service. In addition to having the knowledge and experience required, the most suitable candidate satisfies the right ‘soft’ criteria. Both are decisive aspects for a match between the candidate and your organisation to be successful.

Therefore, we prefer to meet the manager or the team for which we are to seek a candidate and visit the work place.

We agree on the fee for our services with you in advance. Depending on the type of assignment, it will be an hourly rate or a placement fee. 

Selection process

A concise profile of the position is the basis for a focused search, both in our extensive network and our database of qualified professionals and by external recruitment.

We introduce suitable candidates to you in the selection phase. In case of a permanent position this phase mostly takes a few weeks. In case of a temporary assignment, due to our efficient procedure, we may be able to do so within one or two working days. If more certainty is required, we may subject candidates to supplementary tests. Obviously, references have then already been checked


If at any time you are not fully satisfied, we will make a suitable solution available in consultation with you, because the long term relationship with you is very important to us.

After completion of our activities as an intermediary, we evaluate the process together with you. In addition, up to a year after placement, we keep in touch with you and the candidate, which enables us to anticipate developments, if any.

During an temporary assignment we regularly keep in touch. After termination of the assignment we evaluate the process with you so as to maintain our quality level, from which you benefit. 




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