Jacqueline van Heck

Jacqueline van Heck

To find out what someone's ideal job would be and subsequently to find that job gives me real satisfaction!

Following her pre-university education certificate and a secretarial course at Schoevers, Jacqueline worked as a secretary for several years. Subsequently, having become increasingly interested in marketing, she successfully completed the NIMA A and B and SRM Advertising studies.

She worked as a product manager for three companies, focusing on export marketing and sales of branded products in the Middle East for more than ten years. 

In 2005 she moved over to the executive search agency De Vroedt & Thierry, where she was employed as a secretary. Having been employed as a consultant by Pro Assistance since 2006, she seeks solutions to all kinds of problems related to staffing secretariats. Both the candidate and the client receive her full attention. 

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