Career coaching

What do you have to do to achieve development in your profession?
How can you succeed in further developing your competencies?

Career coaching may contribute to your professional development and help you realise your ambitions in your career. It increases your perception of how you perform and you are given tools to work on your points requiring improvement. The coaching focuses on achieving a proper balance between an organisation’s requirements and your capability and willingness to satisfy those requirements. 

Target group

Career coaching is intended for professionals wishing to work with more energy and greater satisfaction and success. Our coach provides guidance in professional orientation, growth and change situations.


During the coaching process you gain an insight into behaviour that impedes you and into the requirements for further professional growth. The approach provides guidance to enable you to set to work yourself. This means that you control your own development process. The elements that are discussed in the process are your role in the organisation, your competencies and skills and your ambition and drive. 

The course of a coaching process

Pro Assistance works with qualified coaches.

The coaching process:

  • intake interview free of engagement
  • analysis of your personal qualities, points requirring improvement and ambitions
  • determination of your personal objectives
  • if needed, an assessment test or personality test
  • dwaringu up a personal career plan
  • evaluation

Mostly two to six discussions during a period of two to eight months suffice to achieve the objective desired.


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